Marriage Journey

How It Is to Be Married: Introduction

It has been quiet for a while. And as I have said in the previous blog, Jop and I got married! We moved into our new home, I quit my job and we are starting all from the beginning. Jop working from home, gives us even more time together. In the last two months, especially right after the wedding, people kept asking me how it is to be a married woman. Although most of them just wanted to have small talk, this question definitely needs ‘big’ talk. After these first weeks of living together, finding my place in marriage, getting to know each other even more, the desire came to share this journey with you. Marriage can be a really difficult thing, so difficult that these days almost one in two people who are married, divorce. On our wedding day I promised Jop that I would serve him, love him and be faithful in it, for better and for worse. And so that day the journey started. My pastor always says: ‘It does not succeed on its own, it fails on its own.’ And that is how it is.  

In this series I want to take you on my journey of marriage with topics like living together, communication, purpose in life, sexuality, finances etc. My journey starts right now, some of you are already on the road for a while and some are about to start. Well, let’s do it together. We need each other. If there are any questions or topics you would love to see in this series, I’d love to hear that.  

That’s it for now. I’d love to see y’all in my next post. 

With love, 


Watch our ceremony below:

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